Business Strategy

With over 15 years classic management consulting we appreciate tools like hypothesis testing, deductive and inductive reasoning, and the ability to identify the key questions. 

Example topics include turnarounds, go to market, and business cases.

Case Study: Fortune 20 Oil & Gas Company
Situation: Downstream division was losing money 
Approach: Led marketing turnaround 
Results: Increased operating profit by more than $35 million 

A central question involved duplicate brands that had been debated for years. By “counting up all the nickels” we found more than $15 million in lower profits with no meaningful increase in revenue. 
Case Study: Global CPG Leader
Situation: CPG leader sought innovation with appliances
Approach: Appliance strategy 
Results: Learned 25% of their top brands were touched by or include appliance elements,  growth looked interesting given many new entrants ranging from small devices to large appliances. 
Appliances have retained staying power since this study took place.
Case Study: Global Food Company
Situation: Client did not know ROI for their FSI coupon promotions  
Approach: Find and use coupon profitability model 
Results: Identified savings exceeding $110 million in promotion without any adverse impact on profitable volume
FSI coupons grew sales, but they were unprofitible. Marketing mix was adjusted.