Marketing Analytics

Two In The Box: Recent studies (HBR May 2018) reveal the need for both statistical and consulting talent to fulfill marketing analytics true promise. BrandOptions has this.

Marketing Mix Optimization: We combine classic OLS regression with advances in Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence. This affords us the ability to fine-tune with more analyses and it is faster given the automation.

Digital Attribution: We offer Multi Touch Attribution using proprietary scripting development. We are able, through open source and big data tools, to keep the costs and our prices among the best in the market.

Case Study: Leading U.S. Wireless Brand
Situation: Improved ROI sought on over $800 million in marketing spend
Approach: Marketing mix optimization
Results: Measured savings near $200 million plus CEO and CFO engagement
Beyond savings and ability to optimize an evolving media mix, the model effort also measured the non-media baseline which showed contributions of service, pricing, mobile devices, plans, long term brand equity, and early social media.